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Fiberglass Resin Gel.  Easy to use, thick resin gel that quickly works into fiberglass cloth or mat to ensure a strong repair.  The high viscosity formula is ideal for repairing vertical surfaces.

  • Thicker than fiberglass resin; ideal for vertical surfaces
  • Use with fiberglass mat or cloth for strong, durable repairs
  • Fast curing.  Tack free
  • Waterproof and impact resistant
  • White cream hardener included

COLOR: Purple (as packaged)

MIX: Mix as directed with supplied white cream hardener.

SUBSTRATE: Fiberglass. Metal. Wood. Gel coat (polyester or epoxy)

SUGGESTED USE: Use for fiberglass repair and custom molding.

TOP COAT: Primer surfacer

Product Code Size/Description Units/Case Wt/Case
58310 Gallon 4 42 lbs.
58320 Quart 6 17 lbs.

NOTES: Ideal for marine and custom molding.  Use with fiberglass mat or cloth.


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