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WG55™ Premium Lightweight Body Filler
WG55™ White Gold, the latest product in our line of advance technology lightweight body fillers. WG55™ White Gold Super Smooth Filler contains both Invisix™ micro-perfecting surface technology to reduce the chance of pinholes as well as Z-Tek™ adhesion booster for maximum adhesion to auto body surfaces. WG55™ is easy to spread and apply and levels well as a result of lower surface tension. With its super smooth application, your sanding times will be greatly reduced; less sanding = less time and resources and improved bottom-line. WG55™ White Gold is priced attractively to help shops improve their overall profitability.

MIX: Mix a ribbon, or 2%, cream hardener to a 4" diameter puddle of Body filler

SUGGESTED USE: Use for filling and repair of minor bodywork up to ¼”, such as dents, dings, hail damage and small holes.


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