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AU79™ Advanced Lightweight Filler

AU79™ ADVANCED LIGHTWEIGHT FILLER. This premium filler, with INVISX™ Micro-perfecting Surface Technology, delivers amazing surface and sanding properties, saving shops time, money and materials.

  • INVISX™ Technology eliminates micro pinholes for a
    putty-like finish
  • Excellent sanding and featheredging
  • Reduces sand paper loading
  • Ideal for vertical repairs; great hang
  • Adheres to all metals


MIX: For a 4 inch diameter puddle of filler, add a ribbon of cream hardener from edge to edge (or 2% by weight of filler).

SUBSTRATE: Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Body Filler, Wood, 2K Primers, Aged, sanded OEM topcoats, Galvanized and other zinc-treated steel, SMC- for cosmetic repairs. For structrual repairs prone to high degrees of stress and flexibility, use an SMC repair product.

SUGGESTED USE: Body repair including dents, dings, scratches and hail damage.

TOP COAT: May be topcoated with polyester, 2K urethane or 1K primer. Refer to paint manufacturer's instructions for topcoat application.

Product Code Size/Description Units/Case Wt/Case
16500 Gallon 4 34 lbs.
16505 Half Gallon 2 8 lbs.


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